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Individual Coaching

No athletic endeavor reaches its full potential without coaching. Managing pain and/or reducing dependency upon dangerous medications is no different. Our expertly trained and experienced coaches use scientifically based research to guide you along the easiest and most effective path to success.

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Here for you

We will teach you the essential things you need to know to be victorious. Knowledge truly is power, and we will share with your knowledge, power-packed skills, and tactics needed to succeed. When you need encouragement, we will encourage you. When you need tough love, you will get it. These experiences and learnings will serve you long after you have moved on from NuHope.

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What type of coaching does NuHope Provide?

NuHope offers individualized coaching where we will teach you new skills to better manage your pain. This involves education and the opportunity for you to ask questions and learn about the solutions available to help treat your pain. There is no one-solution in treating pain, but instead multiple layers. Consider coaching as the missing link in the care of people who experience pain; individual coaching is simply a partnership between an expert/doctor and the patient. The end goal is to inspire the patient and for the patient to enjoy life of being pain free. We all know that pain can obscure the joys of living. Every event, hobby, job, and relationship suffers’ as pain takes over our daily lives.

Our individualized coaching will put you on track and will help you tackle your pain head-on. At first, the coaching we offer may seem like a daunting task, almost like achieving the impossible, but you will prevail, and you will be quickly immersed in our coaching program that offers solutions and will help you on your road to recovery. To take things one step further, we also offer team building workshops that compliment our coaching efforts. Our workshops allow patients to communicate with others and puts everyone’s experiences into perspective, and the support helps give you new skills in managing your pain.

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For starters, our coaches are open to learning and stay on top of new treatments and discoveries. Pain varies in scope and size for each individual, and it can also be misdiagnosed in some cases. NuHope’s coaches build a strong and confidential relationship with each patient so that the patient can better look after their treatments, effects, options and in doing so, be a valuable added team member to the overall treatment plan. Coaching will highlight the importance of getting sleep, less stress, and following a healthy diet and allowable exercise. NuHope’s coaches are empathetic and they understand the seriousness of pain and how it can be a burden on your daily life, and they work to empower you – boosting your self confidence in order to keep you motivated and reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety.

NuHope’s coaches know that most patients have been in “rescue me” mode for a long time, and coaching brings the patient and medical profession together. In programs that last one year, a patient will regularly meet with a NuHope coach once a week to learn about pain management strategies and they will be involved in one-on-one sessions, and they will also participate in group sessions with other patients where challenges, ideas and successes in pain management are shared and discussed.

What makes coaching so unique is that it’s relatively new to our medical system. It gives a patient knowledge and helps empower them to be victorious in combating pain. Patients have learned that coaching works because they are able to communicate their values and what motivates them and what may block their progress. Coaching is educational, informative, and opens up a communication channel that helps a patient discover the solutions for managing and treating pain.

If you are considering a coach, then we welcome you to contact our team at NuHope through our website. We are a leading outpatient clinic, and we are open Monday to Friday.

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