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PREOP™ Evaluation

If you are planning on having surgery consider the PREOP™ Assessment to help you in your way to recovery.

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Having surgery is no walk in the park

it can be very scary for most patients.

Will it work? Will I recover? How much pain will I be in? And how long will the pain last? These are common questions that race through our minds before going under. They are great questions, and the good news is that there are options that can help improve your outcome.

PREOP™ (Patient Risk Evaluation and Optimization Program) Assessment is what you should consider before your surgery. It helps provide your physician with all the details they need in order to help improve your emotional and physical health and helps to ensure the best optimal surgical outcome.

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What is an PREOP™ Assessment?

Consider the PREOP™ assessment as a way of filling the gap after surgery. The assessment was specifically designed to help identify factors known to impact a patient’s pain and develop a specific plan to those characteristics. The evaluation functions as a “pain clearance,” just like a surgical clearance is obtained from other providers, like cardiologists or doctors. Patients will receive a pain plan in the event there are abnormal findings in the PREOP™ Assessment. Treatment options will also be offered to the patient. Additionally, participation in this program may help reduce the overall cost of care as well as the risks of readmission, reoperation, and infection.

Many physicians think about an evaluation when a patient is about to have surgery. Surgeons frequently evaluate a preoperative patient’s heart, vascular system, kidney function, and other medical issues that may increase the risk of surgery. However, most surgeons also overlook, or are unaware of the different aspects of healthcare that influences outcomes, like the presence of preoperative opioids, mental health diagnoses, and other patient factors. The PREOP™ Assessment has been designed to identify factors known to impact surgical and nonoperative outcomes. The assessment helps identify alternative treatments for pain, while also helping patients reduce or eliminate opioid use as their pain improves. Intricate algorithms are developed to help ensure the patient receives a personalized plan for their post-surgery pain. These algorithms help determine the strength, quantity, and type of pain medication required for the unique combination of the procedure performed and the individual’s preoperative risk factors. The good news for surgeons who utilize this service is that they no longer need to worry about writing pain medications for their patients. As an added benefit, when the evaluation identifies the other factors that may impact outcomes, a holistic approach of life coaches, medication management, therapists and other providers is offered to the patient to help improve the chances of success and reduce the patient’s and provider’s stress. What evidence is there that suggests this treatment works? This is a growing area in healthcare, and the numbers tell a very unique and real story: 100% elimination of Central Nervous System (CNS) depressants with opiates; 100% reduction below CDC recommended daily max; 70% reduction in opiate use for patients who completed their treatment program; and 40% achieved and maintained complete elimination despite it not being an explicit goal.

In the event you are having surgery, then yes, you will want to speak with your doctor about having an assessment done. The assessment is now considered the new gold standard for preoperative care – a pain clearance and multidisciplinary program that is designed to address physical and mental barriers to optimal outcomes.

If you are having surgery done and are concerned about pain treatment before and after, then we welcome you to speak with our team of medical professionals at NuHope. The PREOP™ Assessment is available at our leading outpatient clinic and we will work with your physician to ensure that you have the right pain management solution ahead of your procedure in order to facilitate the best surgical outcome. You can contact us through our website.

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