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Education for Pain Management

Offering patient education on pain management is defined as the process of influencing the patient’s behavior and producing the changes through knowledge, attitudes and skills which are necessary to maintain and improve your health.

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How do you educate patients on pain management?

Pain management education is a complex, multi-faceted experience that demands a lot of attention. Pain education is explained as any set of planned activities designed to improve a patient’s health behaviors, health status or both. Pain management education aims to facilitate the patient’s knowledge base in order to help make sense of the patient’s pain and offer the patient guidance towards effective, ongoing self-management.

Our experienced doctors are able to offer techniques and more information to make your self-management of your pain easier by helping and enabling proper education.

Understanding the education is a vital part of the rehabilitation process from your pain; and helps with the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. The information offered is hopefully retained, retrieved and integrated in a meaningful way into the patient’s daily life.

By helping them understand where the patient’s pain is coming from, and how to continuously manage it better, will help the start of the education process. As medical specialists, we are able to offer more insight and knowledge as well as to include techniques to help with the pain.

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What does patient education include?

A few of the topics we may include in the education process would be the anatomy, and physiology of the affected areas of the patient’s body, the nature of the persistent pain, the difference between acute and chronic pain, triggers as well as flare up management, how to avoid fear of pain and how exercise plays a crucial role in helping your pain management, we may also refer to other specialists for specific treatments and offer you realistic expectations about your diagnosis and if there is a cure.

Chronic pain is pain that lasts longer than six months. Chronic pain is one of the most common causes of long-term disability and major contributors to healthcare. Patients who are well educated and have knowledge on their pain are able to change their damaging behaviors so they can stay healthy with self-care management and the use of medical specialties.

Offering an explanation of their diagnosis, treatment options available to help with their pain, and what to expect from these treatment options regarding the diagnosis gives more insight into how patient education is laid out. We will also provide information on the patient’s self-care, wellness and prevention. We do this as it is necessary for our patient’s recovery and overall wellbeing.

Pain easily interferes with many of our patients daily activities, one of the main goals of acute pain management is to help reduce the effect of pain on our patient’s function and quality of life. Our doctors offer the ability for our patient’s to resume their daily activities, maintain a positive mood and sleep which are relevant functions following patient pain treatments.

A great pain management treatment plan will provide our patients with pain relief, and offer them the ability to regain their range of motion and mobility as quickly as possible without injury. Pain management also offers our patients less stress, controlled comfort, multi-care medical care in pain management.

At NuHope Pain Management Center, we help patients who may be struggling with their pain and help them to feel better. Whether you are dealing with acute or chronic pain, surgical or non-surgical, our outpatient center offers medical expertise from our team of medical professionals that specialize in different aspects of pain management care.

If you are looking for help with your acute or chronic pain, NuHope Pain Management Center is here to help you! We are open by appointment only Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and located in the heart of San Antonio, Texas at 19026 Ridgewood Pkwy Suite 311 San Antonio, TX 78259. We serve patients from San Antonio TX, Alamo Heights TX, Leon Valley TX, Kirby TX, Terrell Hills TX, Olmos Park TX, and Castle Hills TX.

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