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Are you struggling with dependency on opioids and need medication to treat pain while reducing cravings and symptoms of withdrawals?

Suboxone Treatment may be for you!

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What is suboxone?

Suboxone is a brand name prescription medication used to treat pain for those who have an opioid dependence. It contains ingredients like buprenorphine and naloxone. The first ingredient buprenorphine helps to block the opiate receptors which helps to reduce a person’s urges. While the second ingredient, naloxone, helps to reverse the effects of opioids in the body. With the help of both of these ingredients together, this drug works to prevent withdrawal symptoms that can be associated with an opioid dependence.

At NuHope Pain Management Center, our doctors specialize in helping to create a custom treatment plan for patients struggling with pain. Whether the pain is acute, chronic, surgical or non-surgical, our clinic of experienced medical professionals offers a different aspect of care. We are here to help you, when you need it most.

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We prescribe medications individualized for your unique situation. We’re here to help manage your pain and our protocols are designed to improve your quality of life.


Through individualized sessions, we will teach you new skills to help you manage your pain and feel better.


We work with your physician to ensure you have the right pain management solution ahead of any procedure to facilitate the best surgical outcome.


Our therapists will work closely with you to improve and maximize your movement potential and achieve your goals.