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Are you struggling with dependency on opioids and need medication to treat pain while reducing cravings and symptoms of withdrawals?

Suboxone Treatment may be for you!

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What is suboxone?

Suboxone is a brand name prescription medication used to treat pain for those who have an opioid dependence. It contains ingredients like buprenorphine and naloxone. The first ingredient buprenorphine helps to block the opiate receptors which helps to reduce a person’s urges. While the second ingredient, naloxone, helps to reverse the effects of opioids in the body. With the help of both of these ingredients together, this drug works to prevent withdrawal symptoms that can be associated with an opioid dependence.

At NuHope Pain Management Center, our doctors specialize in helping to create a custom treatment plan for patients struggling with pain. Whether the pain is acute, chronic, surgical or non-surgical, our clinic of experienced medical professionals offers a different aspect of care. We are here to help you, when you need it most.

Chronic pain can last a lifetime, and while opioids are strong medications mainly prescribed to help relieve chronic pain, they are also very effective. Suboxone is considered an opioid, however it is used at NuHope Pain Management Center to treat pain and to treat opioid dependency.

Suboxone can help to get patients through the detoxification phase from opioid dependency. Suboxone helps to reduce your dependency symptoms which helps the detoxification process become more manageable, and easier on patients. Suboxone is offered in an oral film form, which can be dissolved under your tongue or can be placed between your cheek and gums to dissolve.

Suboxone treatment is offered through specialized clinics like NuHope Pain Management Center, with the treatment, patients are observed and managed throughout their treatment to ensure the utmost quality care.

Your opioid receptors help to manage pain sensations, when activated with Suboxone it could help to relieve the pain in patients. Suboxone can help with pain by:

  • Lessening immune system suppression
  • Easier usage among seniors and patients with renal issues
  • Lower tolerance development
  • Better effectiveness with neuropathic pain
  • A lower ceiling effect for respiratory depression

As well, Suboxone’s ceiling effect can help to make it safer to ingest. Included in the ingredients list of Suboxone is an ingredient called naloxone which causes it to create an unpleasant withdrawal effect when a patient tries to inject it, as it blocks the effectiveness of other opioids. As a result, the patient has less temptation to have a dependency with their medication. During our Suboxone treatment program, our doctors will monitor the patients use of Suboxone to continually make sure the use of the medication and accuracy of its use is always being managed properly.

Suboxone has the ability to stop the cravings for other opioids, and stops any withdrawal symptoms as well as preventing patients from getting the same dependency needed like from taking other opioids. Suboxone offers patients the ability to take control of their dependency and to regain control over their life again.

We all experience pain from time to time, but when it becomes unbearable or even unmanageable, whether it be acute or chronic from an injury or trauma, it’s time to visit our doctors. Suboxone is not our first line of defense in combatting opioid use disorder but may be appropriate for some patients. All medications prescribed at NuHope are tapered with the end goal of abstinence. NuHope does not maintain long term Suboxone treatment. If you are interest to learn more about how Suboxone may benefit you, call us today or schedule an appointment. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and conveniently located at 3619 Paesanos Parkway, Ste 302 San Antonio, TX 78231. We serve patients from San Antonio TX, Alamo Heights TX, Leon Valley TX, Kirby TX, Terrell Hills TX, Olmos Park TX, and Castle Hills TX.

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